What is FoodAssured?

It is an easy to use cloud based framework and system to plan and put into action your Food Safety and Health & Safety plans. FoodAssured can be configured to your organisational needs regardless of size. It is based on HACCP and Risk Management principles.

FoodAssured is developed by a food company for the food industry. It provides a single system to plan, operationalise and manage everyday activities for safety, quality and compliance to food standards you're operating to.

 A common framework to enable good Food Safety  and Health & Safety practices into everyday behaviour and actions

Create end to end transparency and implement controls to manage critical hazards and risks with appropriate levels of compliance and management oversight

Create clarity of roles and responsibilities for the team with scheduled safety, quality and compliance activities embedded into day to day operations

Enable traceability across your enterprise by managing suppliers, products details, sites, environment & plant equipment information in one place

Customise everything to suit your specific operations, adopted standards and safety measurement thresholds

Manage business changes, corrective actions, incidents, customer complaints, service maintenance records that is recorded and has an audit trail



Our Safety Framework

FoodAssured provides a secure and easy to use cloud based customisable framework to put into action Food and Health & Safety plans specific to your organisational needs regardless of size. It is based on HACCP and Risk Management principles and re-enforces a preventative approach to food and health & safety by assisting you to establish and embed solid controls, oversight, and practices into day to day actions & behaviour


Why invest in Food Safety ?

Foodborne illnesses present significant challenges to human health and the cost of public healthcare. For food companies, the impact of food safety or Health & Safety eventualities can be devastating from an economic and reputation standpoint.

Be sure that your food products and/or services are safe and maintains customer confidence and loyalty

The cost of preventing foodborne outbreaks or Health & Safety eventualities is cheaper than the cost after the event

Reputation and Brand damage can be crippling

Know that you are compliant to meet government regulations and standards

Be on the front foot to understand and mitigate hazards & risks across your supply chain and business operations

You can’t control everything, but you can employ good operating practices and preventative measures


Organisational Challenges

Regulatory and compliance demands require food companies to have robust Food Safety and Health & Safety systems and controls in place. This is to ensure their products are safe for consumption and their practices prevent harm to their people and consumers. The pressure to compete and manage costs closely can lead to a relaxed attitude or at times doing the minimum required to be compliant on safety matters.

Small & Medium Enterprises

  • Lack of expertise and inability to commit dedicated resources
  • Overhead costs introduced due to lack of expertise, time and use of disparate tools to be compliant
  • Day to day activities take priority, react to situations and eventualities, often accepting high impact risks
  • Lack of automation and harmonisation of critical information to be proactive and productive in compliance matters
  • It is easy to assume all suppliers are “safe”, resulting in light touch checks and balances

Large Enterprises

  • Many sites & locations performing different activities, difficult to coordinate or have central oversight
  • Disparate systems and paper based recording tools limits ability to translate data into insight
  • Cost of compliance is becoming a large overhead as a result
  • Limited insight inhibits oversight for enabling effective changes
  • Supply chains are global, e2e oversight, checks and balances is an expensive task




Safety Wizard

Our Safety wizard provides step by step navigation for you to plan, build and operationalise your Food Safety and Health & Safety plans.

Start with a Plan

There are important prerequisites you must consider and configure about your business before building and making your safety plans operational.  These include:

  • Business details and locations
  • Core business processes
  • Products and services
  • Business sites and their functions
  • Plant machinery and equipment
  • Approved suppliers and sourcing information
  • All existing safety plans and record keeping information
  • Key personnel who run the business, manage food and health & safety and will use the system

Good planning upfront is the key to implementing robust safety plans with end to end visibility and traceability.

Visualise your core business processes

Creating a visual flow diagram of your core business processes will allow you to link and evaluate hazards/risks at critical points of your business. You can build your own flow diagrams or use and modify ready built templates in the system.

The food safety planning wizard allows you to build business & site specific level business processes as well as product level manufacturing/processing processes.

Visualising your core business processes keeps things connected and helps create end to end transparency and traceability.  It will also allow you to build “one step back” and “one step forward” process views and insights.


Identify & Evaluate Hazards and Risks

The hazard analysis stage allows you to document and evaluate risks and hazards associated with the core business processes you’ve identified.

Risks and hazards are part of everyday life and are either accepted or controlled  as part of normal working practices and procedures. It is imperative to ensure they are well understood and there is a basis for effective control and measurement to prevent safety incidents.

FoodAssured allows you to evaluate risks and hazards for your defined processes and decide they should be controlled and measured within your day to day environment.

You have the option of using HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) framework or a Risk Management framework to identify, evaluate and control hazards and risks for your organisation.

Document your standard operating procedures

Good operating practices are vital to ensuring safety, quality and compliance.  It is important to translate safety controls into rules or procedures which can be embedded into your day to day  business operations.

It also forms the basis of embedding the right mindset and behaviours to prevent safety incidents.

FoodAssured provides you with a document editor to publish your operating procedures. You can also use in built templates and tailor them to meet your operating environment.


Design forms for recording information

Monitoring and measurement is critical in determining the effectiveness of your safety plans and critical controls. It also forms the basis  of demonstrating; “you are doing what you said you would do”.

The safety wizard provides you with a dynamic capability to design and deploy unlimited custom forms for  your business whether it is for data collection, building checklists or scheduling activities. You can also incorporate measurement thresholds within the forms.

  • Monitoring forms – for manufacturing or processing where monitoring activities and measurements are critical for food production and packaging
  • Routine forms – operational forms that can be scheduled into day to day operational activities for recording critical information
  • Static forms – these are forms that don’t need to be scheduled, but can be required at any time and is available for us.  For example; Health & Safety Incident Form
  • Corrective active forms – these are special forms that can be triggered from a monitoring, routine or static form in the case of a non compliance or process failure perspective.

You can control and manage access to the forms you build using the dynamic forms designer.

Define and manage your reporting dashboard

You have the flexibility of dynamically creating reports by tagging fields within your dynamic form designer to create tubular reports or display reports and information using the form viewer.

FoodAssured can also customise dashboard reporting specific to your business and it’s KPI’s.


Product Features

FSQA support

Enable Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) workflow, processes and documentation.

Supplier verification & compliance

Manage and maintain approved suppliers and prevent non-compliant sourcing of goods or ingredients. Maintain supplier document records such as food safety authority and audit certificates, contracts and terms. Know what you are sourcing from you and when.

Food Safety and Health & Safety Planning

Use  HACCP or a Risk Management framework to develop Food Safety and Health & Safety plans.  Easy hazard analysis and critical control determination, planning and implementation of safety operating procedures and records.

Document Control

Manage all documents in a central repository, tag your documents, classify and record all important information pertinent to food and health & safety.

Safety Assured - anywhere, anytime, using any device

Real-time food safety and quality data collection, automatic alerts when deviations or non-compliance are detected, respond immediately and record corrective actions or incidents, create your own insights for operational compliance 

Dashboard and Reports

 Comprehensive audit trail, immediately view non-compliance, logged incidents or corrective actions. Enable compliance team to have real time oversight on day to day operations

Products & Production Management

Maintain your product information in one place; product descriptions, nutrition information, allergens, recipes and production sheets,  ingredients & quantities, product specific HACCP worksheets, procedures & control plans. Schedule product production processes with automated linkages to critical measures, quality and compliance checks that must occur.

Dynamic forms

Dynamically design and deploy forms into your operational environment for critical controls or collecting information.  Manage access control by assigning to departments and user groups.

Asset Management

Manage and maintain your asset register and associated information. Identify service agents and create forms to maintain service register.  Manage, maintain and tag manuals and associated documents to operate plant equipment and machinery.



Our Services

We are ready to share our experience and help your business. We keep things simple and we don't get caught up in too much consulting speak. We like to solve problems and we focus on that.

Professional Services and Implementation

 Our professional services and implementation team will help you get started, set up and fully operational.  We will work you with to migrate your existing plans and records into FoodAssured or manage any specific customisations.

If you are a new start up, we can guide you and help you build your food and health & safety plans from scratch.

Software Development and system integration

We can configure and customise FoodAssured to your specific requirements and develop additional features you may require; including integration into your existing technology landscape.

Our software delivery framework is an extension of agile/scrum. We embrace collaboration, diversity of ideas and expertise as essential ingredients to delivering quick iterations of incremental capabilities.

Training and Support Services

Our support and training team will help and guide you on best practices to leverage FoodAssured and it’s capabilities.

We can tailor support services specific to your needs and deliver support services using your preferred communications channels


The team behind FoodAssured

We believe in a bringing diversity of ideas, creative skills, thoughts, and the right expertise to the table. We keep things simple, practical and very much connected to real world problems and challenges.

We started with a simple goal. To create a system that uses a common framework to address both food safety and healthy safety as part of the same agenda for food companies. The challenge however was complex; the food industry is very diverse, safety at all levels is paramount, companies come in all shapes and sizes and each business has its unique challenges.

We had to build a solution from scratch that was flexible and adaptable. We achieved this by keeping our customers front of mind, putting in place a collaborative environment and embracing agile principles. We wanted to see our solution come alive quickly by delivering incremental capabilities in quick sprints. Having a team with the right balance of food industry and technology expertise made sure we were always aligned to our goal.

Here we are after several months of hard work, we have delivered FoodAssured for our customers. Each member of the team has put their heart and soul into this project – and it shows!

We genuinely care about making it easy for our customers and we know how it feels having lived through and experienced the day to day challenges of a food company.

FoodAssured was developed in conjunction with two food companies who wanted to make their business business more efficient,  accountable for safety on all fronts and ensuring that quality, compliance and safety objectives translated into everyday behaviour.

This collaboration gave us over 20 years of combined experience in food manufacturing, food service and retailing; including operating a national franchise of gourmet burger outlets.  We have applied real life lessons and frustrations into making FoodAssured an essential and a practical tool.  Whilst doing that, we made sure our application architecture and design was secure, flexible and modular to easily accommodate new feature enhancements.

Our solution is built on Microsoft Azure cloud services platform and our agile delivery framework has allowed us to challenge our ideas at every step and accelerate it into an awesome solution.  We are ready to share it with you, so talk to us.



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